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Monster Related Sites
Site Name Type Description Language
Vana'diel Monsters Monster information Collection of charts and monster abilities, lots of stuff I can't even read >< Very useful site! Japanese
FFXI�̂Ȃ� NM/Chests NM and treasure chest information, locations and mobs Japanese
�J?�J?�N�|�H Exp Mob Database Database of experience mobs, locations and a bit info about each of them Japanese
General Information Sites Crafting Information Sites
Site Name Type Language
Allakazham Database English
FFXI Mystery Tour Database Bilingual
FFXI - Database English
FFXIclopedia Wikipedia English
Site Name Type Language
ffrecipe Crafting Bilingual
OpenMoogle Crafting - search English
FishermanRods Fishing English
Vana Fishing Fishing Japanese
Pikko Pots Gardening English
Other Sites
Site Name Type Description Language Official Site Official site of Playonline, includes links to FFXI Japan, US, and Europe, as well as SquareEnix. Bilingual
Mithra Pride Vana'diel Clock Provides Vana'diel Clock and various other things. English
ffxigallery Gallery, Community FFXI Screenshot Gallery & Community English
FFXI�͂��߂܂��� Other Site graphics resources. Icons, images, backgrounds, wallpapers. Japanese
FFXI�ō�낤���� Linkshell & Graphics Linkshell site with website graphic resources, icons, artworks. Japanese
Vote on the Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) Top 200 Link List FFXI links and other game resources. English
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