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2009-03-24 21:57:54     Expansion!

New mob families have been added, along with some new mobs. Please note that not all of them are non-aggressive! It is simply unknown at this point what they detect by, so please help us out by contributing any information that you may find about any of the new mobs. You can post your discoveries on the forum! Your help is greatly appreciated ^^

2009-03-24 21:57:54     Aug Update!

Exp Mob & Skill Up Mob Searches have been improved!!

Exp mob search now offers the options of including pets! Many players have been leveling off of these mobs since they're so squishy! I have also removed the BST Pet option, since the pets no longer take experience away from the tamer.

Skill up mob search is finally done! I have added a report of at the end of search to help players determine their current skill level. If you have suggestions for further improvements please report them on the forum!

2009-03-24 21:57:54     Site Downtime

FFXI-atlas has recently been experiencing difficulties from hackers x_x Please bare with us if things don't function properly, we will try to fix them asap.

Recent problems should have been fixed by now, if you find anymore problems in the future, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your patience. Your support is greatly appreciated~

2009-03-24 21:57:54     Skillup mobs

Finally got the time to code the skillup mob search, as well as enhance the exp mob search by a little bit xD Added more exp options, as well as searching mobs by expansion areas. Hope the new features will become useful to u! Enjoy~

Right now the skillmob search goes directly under advanced search option, I will be adjusting it later so that it gives more options of eliminating mobs, etc. Check back later for more updates!

2009-03-24 21:57:54     March Update

The exp mob search has been adjusted according to the March Update. Signet option has been added to the search.

The following mobs are excluded from signet bonus:

Monster drops and spawn information have been updated. There might be more corrections to make, please post any info that you might have on the forums, your help is greatly appreciated!

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